Maher (Owner/Artistic Director)


As a young man from Syria, Maher (Owner/Artistic Director) began his career at a local salon, soon after, he made the move to the moreprestigious Le Meridian Hotel Hair Salon. His journey took him to the L’Oreal Academy du Paris where, at the ripe age of 24 Maher moved to Boston, where he joined a prestigious salon on the high-end Newbury Street. During that time Maher was featured in several newspaper articles and television programs highlighting his unique and cutting edge style. In 2007, Maher and his family moved to Tampa with the dream of owning his own salon. During the transition, Maher worked for Tampa Palms area, while traveling back to Boston to service his loyal clientele.

Maher’s vision, dedication, artistic talent, and ambition culminated in the February 2010 establishment of Grandeur Hair Design in New Tampa.